“People don’t even eat with their fathers anymore, or their mothers … the family bond has been broken, it’s an outcry for attention why kids are going to school with guns. They want to be loved, they want to be touched, they want to be held, but they are busy off on their day job and you know, they leave them at home on the computer and they just doing all kinds of crazy stuff. And that’s destroying our world. We need to bond again, that’s very important”


I love this man for multiple reasons, just to name a few:


He had a heavenly smile that just melts my heart image

He had the best voice, moves, and abilities any entertainer will ever haveimage

he was such a cutie and a goofball :P


He had a gentle soul, and his very being radiated L.O.V.E ❤image

Those were some of my most successful gifs… :3